I remember an episode from the TV series “House” where a healthy patient insists that he was sick. The patient’s basis was an online article which said that he has the symptoms (self diagnosed) for a certain disease. House being the irritated arrogant jerk he is, played with the patient and agreed with him that something was wrong (even if there wasn’t) and he gave him medicine which was just candy.


Regardless of how House was a jerk and what was the disease of the patient, we can see that the patient believed the online article more than the doctor. I know that this is just purely scripted and fiction but this episode reflects on how people use the available information in the internet, proclaim or call themselves “experts”.

People tend to call someone an expert on something when they are studying it but with social media you can be an expert just by reading an article on it. You can also be an expert on a book just by reading the book reviews not the book itself. What I define expert as is a person whose opinion counts when it comes to that certain topic. With social media, everyone’s opinion counts especially with the free access to information and freedom to express your own suggestions and interpretations of it.

Actually, there are different experts all over the internet but what interests me the most are people who do book reviews, gadget reviews, movie reviews, etc. Anyone can write this but the question here is out of all these people who should we believe in.

I think these are just two things among the many that we can look at when we judge who to believe in.



For me, this is like having your foot at the door but not entirely giving you access to it. This is just my opinion but others really look at popularity as something really important.

Popularity can be determined in many ways in social media like Karma (Plurk), Followers (Twitter), Likes or Fans (Facebook), Subscriptions or Likes (Youtube), etc. The thing here is that people have a tendency to follow or subscribe to you because majority of the people they know are already your followers. It’s like the bandwagon effect with or without knowing its consequence.

People believe you more because of their friends and this is why share value matters. People just really have the tendency to believe you because you’re like a product that is already tried and tested by their peers.


Another thing that we can consider which I think has a more impact is how that expert or person can give us the information that we need. This is different from the first because here we focus more on the content not the person who is delivering the message.

Most of the time people tend to go to a site or a blog where they can easily find and digest information about a certain topic. I think this made “Wikipedia” hit or work because you can find everything there.

I think more than popularity, this is what makes people stay with you and continue to refer you to other people. This is why we should build our content especially when we want to stand out from the crowd.



This can be an advantage and disadvantage for companies in a sense that these people or so called “experts” can make or break your business.

With social media, they have the freedom to say whatever they want to say and they also have established networks that they can influence with a single post.

This is why companies should be on guard and realize that they have to find out who these people are. This can be a way for them to see if that person really is a threat or a potential brand ambassador that can boost up your brand’s personality online.











My “Boss” is someone who is self-learned and knows where he or she is going.

My “Boss” is someone who will strive to learn what he or she has to know to be the best of the best.

My “Boss” is someone who definitely knows what he or she wants and what he or she is capable of.

My “Boss” is simply my boss.


He or she is a student who really inspired me to work on this and to bring myself back to reality 🙂



Let’s just say that “Boss” said something that really hit me hard and that is why I want to share it with you.


“Yan ang ayaw ko, yung sinasabing hindi na kaya kahit hindi pa nasusubukan.”


“I really don’t like it when people say that they can’t do it without even trying it.”


                Even though that statement was not directed at me, I felt hurt (OUCH) because I was guilty of this. I was guilty of easily losing confidence especially when I’m not familiar of what I was doing. Hearing my boss say those words, woke me up and made me realize that this is really wrong and I have to change this.


These I think are some of the things that I really should do to change for the better.

  1. I should be more confident in myself and trust myself more.
  2. I should wake up and accept that this is reality – we cannot always get what we want but this does not give us a reason to easily quit; this should be more of a motivation to make us strive harder.
  3. Instead of panicking, I should find ways to familiarize myself more with the situation where reading more books and being updated with the latest happenings would be of great help.
  4. I should train myself to be more optimistic about life and digest the lessons every single moment brings.
  5. Instead of being dependent of what I learn in school, I should explore more outside of school and know more people.


The next step is announcing to the world that I would do the things that I listed above and I would continue to strive harder and “to bring it” regardless of the nature of the situation I would be in.


Social Media is a platform where people can share information with one another. They share what they know with their own unique purpose but what’s important is they share. This is important in the situation that was cited above because it can help us familiarize ourselves with the things we do not know entirely with a single click. We can just search recipes if we want to cook something or we can just look for a video that instructs us how to cook a certain meal. The thing is with social media, it makes it easier to explore the world and to learn on your own which is what I need. I just have to withstand all the distractions that come with it and focus more on using social media to learn new things.


 Hi! I know that you don’t know that I wrote this but I still really want to thank you for being such an egoistic person (haha). You made me realize that I should strive harder and not just rely on the things I learned in school. You made me realize that I should do things for my own and learn things on my own for a change. You just really inspired me and make me so proud of being a UPM Orcom student. I know that I am way behind what you know and what you are capable of but I promise to catch up so that I can be like you and maybe better (JOKE). Thank you again boss!

With lots of love,

Your innocent “intern”


“WHAT DO YOU THINK?” (The Buzz Revisited)

Which shirt matches my eye color?

Does this dress make me look fat?

Do you think he loves me?

Are you sure?

These are some of the questions we often ask our friends, family, or just someone close to us.

We ask for their advice because we trust them and it makes our lives so much easier.

According to Emanuel Rosen, “human beings are always on the lookout for shortcuts, and this is the reason we seek information from others.”

If you know that your friend is a good cook and she knows how to cook spaghetti, you would just ask her about the recipe rather searching for it in the net. It’s less time-consuming and it is more reliable because it came from a person that you already know.

This is precisely why creating the right kind of buzz is needed.

With social media, people are too smart to listen to advertisements anymore. They are not the passive audience that keeps and keeps on just receiving the messages that companies give. They are now the audience that can block the messages that you are sending. They are now in control.

This is why companies just really have to accept the fact that people don’t trust them anymore.

People trust their PEERS, RELATIVES, FRIENDS, and the PEOPLE that are CLOSE TO THEM.

They value what they say that’s why most of the time people ask for approval from other people before they do something or buy something.

This is why REFERRALS are very important in creating buzz these days. They enhance your network and at the same time restore your reputation to other people.



When I hear this word, what comes to my mind is division of the division of labor. Corny as it may sound, it’s the real deal.

HYPERSPECIALIZATION is what they foresee as the new thing in the future where jobs will be divided into more jobs which will result to more specialization of work.

When I read this, I admit that I really do not like the notion of it. Maybe, it’s because of my experience in group works and my preference for team work but I still need to see both sides of the picture in order to understand it.


Here, people can choose what they can do and what they can do best. They can avoid extra role behaviors that add to their stress and just keep getting projects that they want and that they feel they can work on.

It also adds value to a person’s expertise especially when it comes to Information Technology. It also gives them the edge and the comforts of letting them do their job their own way.


Here, people will limit their potential to learn more than just what they know. It will be like undermining their potential as a person that can grow and be good at lots of things.

It also diminishes the notion of working together as a group through out the project which I think is important in order to avoid inconsistencies and to be able to garner more ideas from different perspectives of people.


Actually, I think that there are different ways to view hyperspecialization.

However, what makes it difficult for me to envision it happening in our country is our culture wherein we need more than just one expertise to succeed in business. It’s just like being able to multitask at the same time having something that we are really good at. I think that we should work on this because I believe that we really shouldn’t limit ourselves when there is so much more that we could offer.

“PEOPLE PERSON” (Social Media and Market Research)


The first thing that my boss asked me before he hired me as an intern is IF I HAD A LAPTOP.

At first, I was scared because I thought that this was a requirement because we will be doing software stuff but luckily, it wasn’t like that.

We have to have a laptop because it’s a necessity for the job and it was a way for us to be connected to each other anytime anywhere.

There are many things that happened in that internship that is worth sharing but I just to want to focus on how it completely changed my perception on social media.


When I was given this task, I immediately used Google search and other search engines to get the information I needed. I searched for official documents and articles about OFWs all over the net. Embarrassing as it may sound, I even searched at Wikipedia but I used it not for purely information but as a reference of what I needed to find (defensive).


It was back then, that I realized that the internet cannot give me all the answers that I want especially when it comes to specifics. I remember that it came to a point that I was already searching for malls where Filipinos go to when they’re abroad or what do they buy if it’s sale. Basically, I was tasked to know their consumer behavior to the fullest level. I admit that it was really a difficult task especially when the people I was studying is staying in another country.

What I really wanted at that point was to find a really good research study or any formal study about OFWs which was a long shot but I was still hopeful. I even wanted to suggest our company to pioneer one but it’s too expensive and time consuming.

I was running out of options and then I remembered something.


I suddenly remembered that I was using social media and social media is more than a venue where I can find documents, articles, statistics, etc.

It is a venue where I can easily find people and just maybe a platform where I can find OFWs and interact with them.

This was the thing that I was missing. This is the same mistake that business people tend to make.

It’s the mistake of forgetting that we are dealing with “people” who are just like us.

This is why I’m very very thankful to social media especially to social networking sites and forums where you can reach different people from different countries without paying for a plane ticket.


When I typed OFWs in Facebook search, I was able to find 4 to 5 groups who were active.

Is it a surprise? Maybe it’s not but I was just thankful to find this


I actually joined some of these pages and also forums where I was able to easily ask them about the stuff that I needed and inquire about what’s it like to be there in the country they work in. I also added some of them in my personal account and I occasionally check their pages just to be updated.

It was at that moment that I realized that social media is much more than just having your accounts and playing games. It’s a way to build and maintain connections with other people. It’s a way for companies to try new stuff and be more personal to their audience which I think should be what they are doing all along.

“IT”S JUST AWKWARD” (Writer’s Block and Social Media)

Ever experienced a situation like this?

Your professor or boss asked you to write about something and gave you a deadline.

You said okay and ensured him or her that you would submit on time (as if you could say no).

You sat down on your desk and tried to write.

After a few SECONDS, MINUTES, and eventually HOURS,



An example of someone having writer’s block would experience something like this:

1.       Initial Writing  

– filled almost half the page of your computer screen

2.       Pause and Analyze

– deleted almost half of what you wrote

3.       Start again with another idea

– edited your sentences and then inserted new stuff

4.       Pause and Analyze

– got frustrated with inconsistencies then deletes again

5.       Stuck

– realized that you used up all your ideas and ends up with a blank page





If YES, don’t fret because almost all people experience this.

It’s normal but it’s still a problem that we must find a solution to.


With the emergence of social media, what ANYONE will say or write matters.

This is why we have these different platforms that allow us to write or post what we want.


 WRITER’S BLOCK is not an exclusive concern for professional writers anymore. It’s EVERYONE’S problem.



1. You want to be professional right? THEN DON’T MAKE EXCUSES!

The FIRST THING that you have to get out of your system is thinking that writer’s block is an excuse to not write.

You have to reverse this kind of thinking to move on to the next steps.

Remember that CREATIVE PEOPLE amidst their “diva mood swings” find ways to deliver when they are asked to deliver because BOSSES and PROFESSORS WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU.

This is an opportunity for you to prove that you have the capability to adjust whenever and wherever. You must gear up and be ready to use your CREATIVE JUICES because trust me; you’ll need it.

2.“ I told you practice is important!”  – With lots of sarcasm, Mom and Dad

Writing as we all know is not an easy task to master or even be good at that’s why like any other sport or song; it needs PRACTICE.

Along with practice, we also need (of course) to allot time for it.

According to other blogs about writer’s block, one must at least write three pages about anything everyday. This will be a way for you to stimulate your mind and boost up your creativity. The best time to do this is immediately after you wake up where there will be less distractions and a lesser possibility of procrastination.

3.       STOP! I’m writing here. (straight face)

WRITE, WRITE, and WRITE FASTER. This is what you should do whenever you’re writing something. Don’t get ahead of yourself and stop the inner critic in you. Just write and let your ideas flow.


Another thing that you must do is to write down all your ideas in paper or have your NOTEBOOK OF IDEAS. This will make it easier for you to store your ideas and remember them when you are stuck.

4.     HEY! Mind your own paper. (game face)

With the emergence of social media, people are so conscious about what they’re writing which is not bad except when it leads you to NOT write anything at all.

Don’t limit your creativity. Take into consideration what other people want but don’t let it overshadow what you want.

You must remember that social media gives you the freedom to express yourself so don’t waste it.  Just write what you want and be careful but NOT TOO CAREFUL.

TAKE THE RISK and remember that writing is a learning process. If you committed a mistake, correct it. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Learn from your mistake and please do not do it again (it’s for your own good).

5.       Ready. Set. TIME! 


One of the things that lead us to slack off is not having deadlines. It’s stressful (YES!) but it keeps you on track and motivates you to work.

These deadlines or working against the clock can serve as motivation for you to be productive. To make more things exciting, set a time limit for yourself and when you reach your goal, reward yourself.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of making things work by making things fun.


Why did I bother to write something like this?

It;s simple. I wrote this because I really think it would be helpful for all especially those who are frustrated writers like me. 🙂




Hello Again World! An Intro:

Hi Dudes and Dudettes!

Alyssa Rowan R. Ayes here or simply ARRA (see full name for basis)!

And you‘re here at my FIRST OFFICIAL BLOG EVER!

I know that this is a “corny” thing to do but first I just want this post to be a formal introduction of me to you. No, this is not going to be a vanity post; rather, this will be a post about the three things that you are missing in your life (evil laugh).



I’m a college student currently studying BA Organizational Communication or BA OrCom in UP Manila. Mostly, people who do not know this course react like this: WHAT????? or HUH????. And I swear if I hear another like this I’m going to *&^%$%^^&***. Kidding aside, my course is seemingly unknown to mankind but is already in its 20 +++ years of existence in the university and our graduates are slowly invading small and big corporations all over the world. It’s an all around course where you are trained to Be A rocking Outstanding Communicator. Communication courses might be seen as an easy way to get a diploma but believe me it’s really not.  Here, you are dealing with people and they are your market. You have to figure out what’s going inside their heads to know your next move (like chess).

Basically, if you want a more challenging and fruitful life shift to OrCom!

It’s toxic but it’s fun (I think )

Learn more about Organizational Communication through this link:


What do people need to have a life full of adventure?  RANDOMNESS

I would like to equate randomness with thinking outside the box or moving out of what is normal.  Normal or the status quo dictates what the people should do but it is still our choice whether to go with it or go against it. People who go with it are those who wait for something to happen but people who choose to go against it are the ones making things happen. Don’t you want to be that person?

Take for example, the architect or engineer in Taipei who made a building out of plastic. Everyone especially the senior engineers taught it was not possible and they even said that it was a crazy idea. One said that they just have to understand that young people these days are fond of just creating crazy ideas to have a sort of challenge in their lives. Shame on them! What they don’t see is an aspiring young engineer who has great ideas that can help solve the plastic garbage problem of their society and of the world.

What we lack are people who are true to themselves and are not afraid to be different. People are still afraid to break from what they are used to doing and I can’t blame them. But if we want to change for the better, we must be able to take away this fear and make some effort to try new things that could help us. I’m not saying that I’m already like this but I would really want to have the chance to be different and might even change the world through my randomness someday.  Actually, it’s possible if you just believe (haha) but seriously let’s try this and see what happens.

3)      PASSION:

The last thing I would like to talk about is PASSION.

Passion is intense love or great enthusiasm for something. I think this is the most important thing that people need to figure out before they graduate or even start a career. What’s my rationale? It’s simple. You will never be satisfied if you don’t find it.

I remember what my boss from my OJT told me when I said that I still do not know where I would go after graduation. He said that I should figure out what I love first because if you do not love what you are doing, you cannot make a career out of it. He also said that I should try different things and hopefully in the long run I could find my passion.

Another thing that I remember is my professor saying that you only experience stress because you do not love what you are doing so just love it to avoid stress(LOL). At least that was the idea I thought he implied (yikes). In the end, it all ends up to following your heart. Yes, it’s dramatic and kind of pathetic but it’s true.

These are the three things that you are probably missing in your life…

Actually, let’s rephrase this…

These are the three things in my life that are important to me..

especially now that it’s my last year in college (hopefully). I just want you to know what I think about this stuff and what I will show you through my future posts. To tell you the truth, I am so nervous and excited about blogging but at the same time somewhat happy. This is a requirement in my OrCom 152 class (Communication Trends and Styles) but I think this can be a start of a whole new habit that I can hopefully adopt even after this course.

So stay tuned and Take Care Always! This is Arra Ayes signing out!:)

Bye for now!

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